Falat Pars Construction Co.
No 2, Golestan st, Agha Ali khani st, South Shiraz Ave., Hemmat HWY, Tehran, Iran.
Postal Code: 1436965791
Tel: +98 21 43621199
Fax: +98 21 43621152
Email: info@falatepars.com
About Us


Falat Pars was founded in 1984 as a construction company. This company enjoys 2 decades of active presences as well as wide range of knowledge and high technical capabilities in different fields of its engineers. Falat Pars also features sophisticated machinery and equipments.
The company is ready to co-operate in projects to do with Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power Plant and Steel industries in the form of C, PC and EPC.
Falat Pars has always fulfilled the expectations of its employers by providing services of high quality and value, conducting novel and innovative methods, building trust through observing all its commitments, all relation national and international standards and principles.
In this connection, Falat Pars through the recognition has tried true provide an appropriate situation to benefit the capability of the company. Some of the relevant assistant companies are as follows:

In the Construction field:
In the Engineering Consultant field:
In the Procurement field:
In the Financial Supply field:

Falat Pars is now rendering 5 projects worth 40,000,000 Euro in the fields of Petrochemical, Tank Farms, Piping & Pipelines, Wastewater Treatment Systems and Industrial & Non-Industrial Buildings and benefiting from its co-operation with Asian and European partners is now capable of conducting EPCF projects as well.

The management and executives of this enterprise have always based their rules on experience, honestly and innovation to stay on the road to success.